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Replace those Exterior Shutters before the Holidays

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

Now is a great time to replace those rotten exterior shutters on your home with composite wood shutters that are rot, moisture and insect resistant.

There is still time to get it done before the Holidays. How about a style change, or replacing what you have? Get your house ready for the Christmas decorations.

All our shutters are custom made in our local facility here in Alpharetta, GA. Contact us today to set up a personal, no obligation consultation. You can call us at 678 – 662 4815, or click the “Contact Us” on this page.

Shutter Styles

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Exterior Shutters can really make or break the exterior of your home and plays a vital role in the overall curb appeal.  One of the items to consider is the STYLE of shutter that will look good on your home and give that final touch to complete the picture.

Dupbel Millworks Inc. is set up to create unique custom styles while offering a variety of standard styles to choose from.  Let’s discuss some of the standard styles most commonly used.

Board and Batten Shutters

A shutter typically composed of three to five vertical boards that are connected using two or three horizontal battens.  These shutters inspire a country or cottage look and have grown in popularity in the last few years.  The latest trend is to have multiple narrow boards to create a cleaner, more sophisticated look.  This style lends itself to adding additional interest by adding diagonal pieces or even strap hinges.

Paneled Shutters

This traditional style consists of panels within a frame.   This shutter style’s popularity during the last number of decades has firmly entrenched it as the “traditional look.”  Especially with the panels you can select a number of styles based on your preference.  We can start off with a Flat panel, giving a very smooth and minimalistic look.  Or you can do the very traditional Raised panel, providing a more three-dimensional appearance.  Our Shaker Raised panels gives you even more depth while keeping it very classic and stylish.  The Mission style panel is another option, where it is incorporating design elements from the Board and Batten style, but with a much more sophisticated look.

The size and placement of the panels will typically follow the window design, but lately we’ve seen a lot of deviation from the traditional to jazz it up a little bit.  We can incorporate a small panel in the center, make them single panels, or even 3 equal panels, all depending on the look the home owner wants to create.

Louvered Shutters.

Louvered styled shutters are the original “classic standard,” found on period buildings such as Antebellum, Colonial, Williamsburg, Georgian and Federal styled houses.  Louvered shutters create an additional architectural element to enhance the house’s façade.  Louvered shutters can also be the right choice for Contemporary styled buildings wishing to create a more traditional appearance.  For a slightly more modern look you can make the slats wider to give a cleaner, less busy appearance.

Dupbel Millworks Inc. manufactures exteriors shutters using only weather resistant materials.  This is especially important in Georgia’s hot, humid conditions.  We have a series of standard shutters styles, while fully equipped to help you design a custom style specifically for your house.

We are a full service company, and can help you from the design phase to installation.

Our business is located in Alpharetta, GA and we are proud to serve the residential and commercial market of North Georgia.  We are small enough to provide you with personal attention, yet strong enough to handle complex designs

Exterior Shutter Trends for 2018

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Exterior Shutters plays an important part in the overall look and feel of your home.  Let’s explore some of the popular trends we see for 2018.



Try using simple shutters for a pure, uncluttered effect to allow other beautiful features on the outside of your home to shine.  It is in line with minimalism, where you incorporate clean, refreshing looks, while adding a nice touch to your decor.

To follow this trend, use shutters with sharp lines, minimal details and neutral colors.  Here we will propose something like a flat panel shutter, and/or a shutter with one large single panel, or even a board and batten style with no battens (horizontal pieces).


Lighten up:

Color plays a big role in the overall appearance of your home, and while exterior shutters are typically dark colored, we’ve seen an uptick in lighter colored shutters.  This works especially well when trying to modernize the look of an older building.  Light colored walls, combined with shutters in a slightly darker hue seems to be the norm.  Whites and grays works very well and is a trend that will be with us for a while.



Stick with the basics:

Exterior shutters should never overpower the look of your house and not all homes lend itself to the exotic.  There’s nothing wrong with some traditional Raised Panel style shutters or even Louvered shutters to give a traditional, formal house a neat and tidy look.  Board and Batten shutters works well on a house with a mix of exterior surfaces (brick and stone, or siding and shingles).  For Raised Panel style shutters, make sure the panels mimic the windows, for Louvers you can try a wider slat, and with Board and Batten shutters we see a trend to use more, but narrower Boards (vertical pieces).


Add flair and personality:

Another subtle way of giving you home a one-of-a-kind appearance is to add custom cutouts to your shutters.  Let your home’s personality shine with just about any shape you can imagine, from stars and crescent moons to palm trees and hearts.  Go bold and traditional with a full cutout, or subtle and interesting with only a small relief cut on the outside corner.  This obviously only works on paneled or Board and Batten style shutters.




The exterior of your home is the first impression for people coming up to your house.  Shutters play a crucial role in making or breaking that first impression.  It makes sense to ensure you incorporate the shutters to form a pleasant and unified appearance.


Dupbel Millworks Inc. manufactures exteriors shutters using only weather resistant materials. Our core business is shutters made from a composite wood material that is rot, insect and weather resistant. We manufacture a series of shutters styles and are fully equipped to help you design the specific look you desire, and every shutter is custom made based on your house, windows and design.


Cutouts on Exterior Shutters

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Exiting new offering from Dupbel Millworks Inc, where we now also offer custom cutouts on exterior shutters.

Give your home a more unique look with a custom cutout on a panel.  We expanded our capabilities and can now create exterior shutters with custom cutouts.  We have a few designs ready to go, but in most cases can take your design and create a totally unique look.



Contact us to discuss your options and let see how we can help you.

What is a Closed Louvered Shutter?

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Let’s discuss our Closed Louver shutter style.

Thinking of replacing or adding traditional louvered shutters?  How about considering our closed Louver design that provides greater strength, looks and feels like the traditional louver, and made completely from our rot, insect and moisture resistant composite wood material.


What is a closed louver?

In place of the open individual slats that is traditionally used, we cut solid pieces that fits together to form a uniform construction.  There are no openings between the louvers, and you get a solid shutter that looks like traditional louvers.


What are the advantages?

Unlike open louvers where you have open slots between each slat, you get a solid shutter.  That prevents leaves, pine straw and other debris to get stuck between the slats.

Insects don’t nest between the slats.

It’s easier to clean.  Because of the closed design you can easily hose them off.

It uses less paint.  With less surface area it is easier to paint them in a few years.

It is a much stronger design.  Since the individual pieces fits together tightly, you get an almost solid shutter with strength points all around, versus an open louver design where you have strength points only at the corners.



We are able to offer the closed louvers at a lower price point, since they are easier to make and we do not have to cut and fit each individual slat.  It comes down to less man hours, with the resulting less cost.


The closed louver design has been out in the market for some time, but not many people realize that it’s available.  It is cheaper to produce and it’s a much stronger product.  Combine that with the easy maintenance, its longevity and the fact that it looks like the real thing, and you end uf with a shutter that will enhance the look of your house for years to come without the hassle.


Contact us today if you are in the market for louvered style shutters, and we’ll set up an appointment to show you our product at your house.


In this photo we have our closed louver design hanging on the left side of the window, with the original open louver on the right.  




Here you can see a close-up of

the closed louver design