Our Services

Dupbel Millworks Inc offers a choice of services ranging from design consultation to final installation. Our goal is to assist you, as needed, and to keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Why a full service company is important to you?

Our belief is that exterior shutters, if done right, can add value to your home. Shutters provide the finishing touches to the house’s exterior and can add another dimension of style and color to your home. Our service package is designed to do just that, help you through the shutter purchasing process while maximizing your homes curb appeal.

At home consultation

Selecting the right shutter style, size and color is the first step in maximizing curb appeal. Our at home consultations will detail the various options available, provide recommendations on creating balance through size and proportion and make suggestions regarding color, each in keeping with the architectural style of the home.

Custom and special designs

While many of the homes we install can be supplied from one of the four typical shutter styles, raised panel, shaker raised, board and batten or louvered our custom manufacturing capabilities allows Dupbel Millworks to build a custom or unique shutter just for you.  Also custom manufacturing can be of benefit if only a few of your existing shutters need replacing. Generally we are able to match existing profiles and configurations.

Custom colors and top coat painting

All Weather Works*  Exterior Shutters are prefinished at the factory using an exterior grade primer, tinted dark gray. Our shutters are then optionally top coated with an acrylic industrial finish. Paint colors should be selected from the Sherwin-Williams color palette specifying the color number and name with your orders. Other paint manufacturers’ color specifications are acceptable but must be checked with the office prior to proceeding.

Taking measurements

It is important that your new shutters fit proportionally and provide balance with your windows. Taking accurate measurements is essential to achieving this goal. With your order Dupbel Millworks will take all measurements necessary to fabricate your shutters. Since not all windows are standard we take the time to adjust for slight variations from one window to the next.


Installation is the final step in the procurement process. This final step is as equally important as the first.  Many times older shutters need to be removed and disposed of. If your existing shutters are mounted on hinge, considerable money can be saved by reusing this hardware on your new shutters. We will take the time to evaluate the condition of your existing hinges and hold backs and if deemed reusable repaint the items so that they will look as fresh as your new shutters. When complete each of the shutters installed will be plumb with the window and tops and bottoms will align with one another, a characteristic often overlooked by others. At Dupbel Millworks our installers are highly qualified and knowledgeable in exterior shutter installation this is all we do so you can be assured that it will be done right.


We are confident in the materials we select and use in manufacturing Weather Works*  Exterior Shutters, therefore we are able to provide our customers with a full ten year warranty against rot.

The final price paid for a set of shutters is an important determinate on vendor selection. Price, however, should not be the only consideration. Other factors such as ease of purchasing, level of service offered, design characteristics and product attributes are equally important. We are confident that when all these factors are considered, Dupbel Millworks Inc will be your vendor of choice.