Louvered Shutters

Louvered styled shutters are the original “classic standard,” found on period buildings such as Antebellum, Colonial, Williamsburg, Georgian and Federal styled houses. Louvered shutters create an airy and open feel to the building’s exterior while generating an additional architectural element to enhance the house’s façade.

Louvered shutters can also be the right choice for Contemporary styled buildings wishing to create a more traditional appearance.

Weather Works* Louvered styled exterior shutters are fabricated from composite wood making them durable and long lasting. The fixed louvered configuration is constructed with a solid back yet when viewed from the front presents the traditional appearance of a louvered shutter. Different slat widths can be specified to match your existing shutters or to suit your individual preference.

Louvered shutters can be designed with added Raised Panel elements for a truly unique appearance, or with a faux bar to make it appear as if they are operative.

Typical Configurations