Shutters can make or break the curb appeal of a house and it is important to consider the different materials that shutters are made of.  Prices will vary considerably between the different materials and each will have its own positives and negatives.  Let’s take a look at the 4 main ones.


Very traditional and good looking.  Could be pricey depending in the wood species that is used.  Stay away from cheaper woods like Pine or Poplar that will rot, twist and split within a short period of time.  Good species are Western Red Cedar and Cypress.  Make sure you add some sort of a cap to the top of the shutter to prevent splitting and make sure your provider seals the wood effectively to prevent rot.  Easy to customize size and styles.  Will need repainting in a few years, but generally easy to do.


Cheapest option you can get, but then it will also look like that.  The summer heat can play a trick on these where the shutters became brittle with color fading over time.  These shutters are typically hollow and not very strong.  Its recommended that they are mounted flush against the wall, although some service providers sell hardware kits to mount them on hinges.  Vinyl shutters are typically 3 times cheaper than wood or composites, but remember you’ll have to pay for installation 3 times.  Limited options available for size, style and color.  Difficult to repaint effectively.

Composite Wood:

Pricing is comparable to wood, and although you get the look and feel of wood, you don’t have the issues that comes using wood.   No rotting, swelling, twisting and if it is the right material, no insect damage.  There are different composite materials available and not all are rated for extended exterior use, so make sure your provider uses the right stuff (and can prove it).  Very long lasting and in some cases you even have environmentally friendly/safe options available.  Easy to customize and a good provider should be able to create unique designs and styles perfect for your home.  Similar to wood it will need repainting in a few years, but generally easy to do.  Can be mounted on hinges or direct to the wall.


Pricey, so shop around.  This stuff will last almost forever and moisture have no effect on it.  Heat does play a role and it’s prone to cupping, bending and warping, so make sure your provider adds some form of additional strengthening.  Seems that the industry standard is to add metal bracing on the back to prevent some of the issues.  Difficult to paint and typically comes in standard colors.  Make sure from you provider what steps you’ll have to take when it comes to repainting.  Can be mounted flush or on hinges.

Dupbel Millworks Inc. manufactures exteriors shutters using only weather resistant materials.  Our core business is shutters made from a composite wood material that is rot, insect and weather resistant.  This is especially important in Georgia’s hot, humid conditions.  Although we carry a series of shutters styles, we are fully equipped to help you design the specific look you desire, and every shutter is custom made based on your house, windows and design.